what AKU can do?

understands natural
human language
can learn new things
and ask questions
can form his own opinion
using data in the network

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AKU family

Iskander Rakhmanberdiev (Chief Executive Officer)
Iskander Rakhmanberdiev
(Chief Executive Officer)

"This is awesome that we can embody into aluminum form a soul: social robot. I feel how we are making huge steps towards the future."

Adil Suranchin (Chief Operational Officer)
Adil Suranchin
(Chief Operational Officer)

"AKU is new way of accessing to information. You can ask him questions. AKU synthesizes the information in deluges of Big Data and returns an opinion like answer."

Prabodh Kumar (Chief Technical Officer)
Prabodh Kumar
(Chief Technical Officer)

"I can see how every part of AKU’s hardware is being crafted. Those pieces are part of AKU and he will be part someone’s life. It is great when things you do, make difference."

Aleksander Moreno (Chief Software Officer)
Aleksander Moreno
(Chief Software Officer)

"I love the fact that AKU can learn. I see a huge potential in AKU ability to acquire new knowledge. This is great how new look of the social robots is shaping up."

Mikhail Ivkin (Chief Marketing Officer)
Mikhail Ivkin
(Chief Marketing Officer)

"As huge fun of the Start Wars Saga, I am extremely excited to work on the robot that can understand human speech. It is whole new level of interaction between robot and human."